Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Presidential Mints

It's been a long past couple of weeks - the moving - the birthday party - the presidential election - and I've been sick - yucko!
Azi's birthday party should be the topic of an entire new blog - I am so pissed off at the people at the pottery place we went to - Paper and Clay - they had this horrible woman running our party - and she "jokingly" told the kids they couldn't play or talk or have fun - unfortunately, she was really nasty about it and none of the kids got that it was a joke - she argued with one of the guest-moms - and made a snide comment about her - she made countless mistakes, and was super rude - needless to say, we won't be going back.
The party itself, other than unusually quiet for a child's bday party - was a good time - I got to see Mylissa - I hadn't since the early summer - that was fantastico - and Azi got to have Lexi spend the night - the girls were great - we played several board games, and they played SingStar - which is officially the coolest game EVER.

Faith is still here which is WONDERFUL. Both of us started feeling a bit sore-throaty this weekend, and when I still felt cruddy Monday, I made a doctor appointment (as our little family seems to get Strep Throat monthly) - Faith made fun of me for being such a wuss, but I faithfully went to my appointment - the doctor didn't even do a strep test (weird, right?), he just looked in my throat and took my temperature, and explained that i had an infection in my throat (called Pharyngitis - like laryngitis - but it affects your Pharynx instead of your larynx) it could be strep, or it could be something else, whatever it is, it needs antibiotics. I had to work at LLBean that night, but didn't last very long there, I was cruddy, and the whole talking thing wasn't working very well.

I stayed home from work yesterday, as I didn't know if i was contagious, and was still feeling under the weather. I did get out to vote though!! And I must say I'm ridiculously happy that Obama was elected - waaaaaaaay happy.
Faith took me out to lunch, she was quite convinced that us eating Thai food would help my throat. Then I got to follow her to the grasshopper shop. Funny thing - they had these little tins of candies called "presidential mints" (cute name) - and they had five tins of republican mints left, and only one tin of democrat mints. I figured that was a sure sign that the Dems would come out on top (not like there was much question, but I'm trying not to be cocky like I have mistakenly been in past election years). Looks like the mints were correct.

Last night I tried to stay up to watch all the election coverage, but whatever Pharyngitis is - it looks like it's made me super duper tired. I fell asleep sometime between 9:00 - 10:00 - I kept waking up and watching for a minute then falling back asleep. Eventually i realized it was a losing battle and just went to bed. Azi woke me up at 6:00 this morning and asked who had won, and I had to admit I didn't know. So - we watched the news this morning, and then did a happy dance when we saw the Obama victory.
I'm completely disgusted with the majority of California's voters for having said no to Gay Marriage. What bullshit. Grrrrr. But then again, maybe I should be more disgusted with Maine because we didn't even have the question on the ballot.
Seriously - although there were sucky setbacks like the California vote, and some local issues that piss me off around here - I can't help but be excited about what's going to happen in the next years! Hooray!!

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