Friday, November 21, 2008

Would you like a warm, fuzzy feeling?

Who wouldn't? I just discovered the coolest website for those of us out there who love love love to buy presents for people, but who feel a little bit guilty about the blatant materialism all of these gifts represent - it's the Oxfam America Unwrapped - for specific amounts of money you can buy things in another person's name (they receive a personalized card with the details of your gift to them). It's not your traditional "$50 has been donated in your name to the Salvation Army" (not that I'm saying that it's bad to donate to the Salvation Army - I'm a big fan!!) - but you can buy specific items like:
For $150 you could purchase a Farmer's Flock - which includes one cow and two sheep to a traditional herder - which in turn provides nutrition to their family - pretty cool, right?
Now, if you're a really big spender (this would not be me, although I wish it could be) - you can spend $1500 to Rebuild a Primary School: Back to school! For many of the world's children, going to school is a dream. For kids living in war zones or conflict-ridden areas, their access to schools—even if families can afford costly fees and supplies—can be slim. During conflicts, schools are often looted and badly vandalized. With your gift, you replace broken windows and doors and supply new desks, blackboards, and books. Rebuilding a community school gives children the opportunity for an education, a safe haven, and a focal point for community peace building.
However, if that's way beyond your budget area, they do have a section of the website that only has gifts under $25, including: Beaded Jewelry, A pair of school uniforms, you can even Irrigate a farmer's land for two months, and a lot of other things.
I'm not normally all about advertising and things like that - but I think this is a really right on way to give gifts. I'm not saying we should keep our children from all the plastic junk they crave - but I can't imagine your brother-in-law enjoying anything more than an Emergency Toilet!

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Shannon said...

Shoot, our well just ran dry--I'd have LOVED an emergency potty as an anniversary gift a couple weeks before. Well, I wouldn't have loved it then, but I'd defintiely have torn up the divorce papers at the brilliance and thoughtfulness of such a gift once the well ran dry.