Friday, November 7, 2008

Karaoke, Slippers, and Being a Bad Neighbor

I am a very nice girl. I really am - I'm not a big ol' party animal or anything - if I'm staying up late, it's most likely because I'm reading a book. These are a few of the things I told my new landlords before I moved in. And I was speaking the truth - I'm just not wild and crazy (anymore).

By now you've probably figured out that the subject of this blog is going to be how I blew that whole idea less than two weeks before moving in.

Today is Dad's birthday (56 - Jeepers Creepers!!), and last night, Faith and I invited him to come over after he got out of work at Border's for his birthday presents. Earlier in the evening, I'd been talking to the landlord (they live next door) - she was putting my neighbor's cat upstairs because it was raining and Cindy (the upstairs neighbor) was going to be working all night (she's a nurse that works nights).

Dad finally got there a little before 11:00 - we did presents, hung out, and I told them Cindy wasn't home, so we should play some SingStar (because Azi could sleep through gunfire an inch from her head - the girl is a deep sleeper). We were playing at a reasonable volume, but then Faith wanted to make a video of it - so we cranked up the TV so you could hear it better. About 1 1/2 minutes into Dad and my battle/duet, we hear a knock on my door - by now it's 1:00 in the morning (on a Thursday).

It was my upstairs neighbor - I made Faith answer it because I was freaking out about it a little. Sometimes I don't quite thrive under pressure. Apparently she was not working last night, and was, in fact, trying to sleep when we started roaring away at karaoke. Not a very good thing.
I left her a very nice apologetic note this morning, and was thinking maybe I'll bake some bread this weekend and give her a loaf. I am just the girl who does silly things to get herself in trouble. If names in our culture were based on our character - that would be mine.

I'm trying to think of other ways to make up for the whole horrible karaoke at 1am on a weeknight thing.
Oh - and Azi is sick now too. I figured it would happen, but yesterday I told her she didn't get to be sick because I had to work. Unfortunately that didn't work today, as i could see how raw her throat was when I poked her tongue down with a chopstick and held a lamp inches from her face (who needs flashlights and tongue depressors???). She's with Faith today at the house, but I've got to take her to the doctor's at 11:05 - they don't just trust me enough to call in antibiotics - or maybe they just want me to have to pay them $20. Who knows. I do appreciate that they're getting me in right away though.
Tonight is the Full Monty - we're driving down to Waterville for it. I'm quite excited - so that makes up for all the ridiculousness that's happened in the last 12 hours, right????

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Sara said...

The full Monty!! Jealous!! Also jealous of sing star...never heard of it, but I want to play badly!!

As for the neighbor thing...I think your a good neighbor, you just strayed a little :) Maybe you should have invited her to join in the party!! The note and cookies will go a LONG way!!