Thursday, October 29, 2009

The truth about being a single parent

Since my one and only child is turning eleven tomorrow, I thought now would be a nice time to reflect upon the situation I've been raising her in.

Since she was about seven months old, it's just been the two of us - granted, I've dated, but there's never been a stepdad or anything like that - no one has ever been allowed that far into the inner sanctum of our lives. And I like it that way. Here are a few of the reasons that being a single parent of an only child rocks:

1. You can always say, with absolute honesty, "yes, you ARE my favorite"
2. You get to be the boss (No, we're not watching ICarly anymore today)
3. Even when they're mad at you, you know that you're their favorite too
4. You have a super strong relationship & understanding (more than you see from other people and their children)
5. You get each other's undivided attention (granted, this one has some serious backlash when you want some time to yourself)
6. Bedtime is yours
7. You make up the house rules
8. It's more affordable to take family trips
9. No one can ever accuse you of playing favorites

There are loads more reasons that it's a great situation - yes, there are drawbacks, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Could I be?

The other night I couldn't sleep. Not one little bit. The introduction of cable into my life has not been a good thing. Granted, I'm learning lots of stuff on the Food Network and Discovery Channel - but when I can't sleep - instead of having to sit there miserable, I can just turn the TV on. I think that when you're entertained, it's easier to not sleep.

Well, some night this week I was watching A&E around 2 am - and I saw this show called Hoarders - maybe you've seen it?

I think I might be a hoarder too.

Granted, it might just be that I'm feeling the way every freshman does when they take Psychology 101 - but it just hit super close to home. There was this woman who wasn't a complete freak (uncannily familiar already!!) and she had her deep dark secret, which was her ridiculously overflowing home. It was like looking into a time machine and seeing what my house will be like when Asrai goes off to college. I think what really worries me is that she ended up just having to move out - couldn't get it all done. Eep.

But, hopefully it was just a combination of insomnia and my messy bedroom making me feel that way.

Hey - maybe I'll get some serious cleaning done this weekend!!