Thursday, December 31, 2009

Welcome Back, Fifi!!

I'd just like to throw a little Welcome Back party for my sister Faith - you should definitely check out her blog at: - we will be duelling - it's good stuff.

Number One Mom

I faltered there for a little bit. I had the eleven year old in door-slamming-you're-ruining-my-life style tears, but I fixed it. Why did I do a thing like that? Well, because I'm the NUMBER ONE MOM. That's right - all you other moms eat your hearts out - Jessy's in town.

The issue was this: back at Thanksgiving, Asrai made plans with her cousins down in Saco to spend New Year's Eve with them - this sounded absolutely perfect - I could meet Shane or Martha halfway on Thursday - then when Dad and I head down for the Annual Brainerd Post Christmas Holiday Party, we could pick her up and everyone would be pleased as punch. Unfortunately - Mother Nature (say it with a grimace, people) had other plans.

We've got a "perfect storm" headed our way - I put perfect storm in quotes to remind you of the movie "the perfect storm" wherein some sailor/fishermen got caught in a "perfect storm" off the coast of Maine, the likes of which has never been seen, you know, until this coming weekend. The forecast of a nonspecific number of feet of snow was enough to make me say - "no, I'm not driving you down there" - hence, the life ruining. I tried to explain that my concern wasn't around driving to Augusta on Thursday (today, the day of cloudy sky and no snow) - it was retrieving her, the trip to Mass. has been cancelled, since we'd most likely spend the entire weekend in a snowbank slowly freezing to death, not participating in a rocking yankee swap and some youtube worthy charades - I didn't really want to drive down and get her on Friday.

But, as usual, I have come up with a delightful solution. I will just drive her all the way to Portland tonight, I'll hang out with the grownups at Shane & Martha's, while Asrai gets in some cousin time, and then we'll head back up north in the morning - hopefully avoiding the storm of the century.

Perfect? Yes, I do think so. I am hoping that the jet-engine sound my car's been rocking lately can be entirely attributed to the snow tires (don't as me how, I'm just going with the idea) - and not something wrong internally. As long as we have some blankets and yummy treats to eat (in case we end up in a snowbank) - I think we'll be fine.

I think my automotive bravery is going to earn me some serious cred for the new decade.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Another year? Seriously??

'Tis that time again. And, since I completely bombed on all of my new year's resolutions for 2009, I'm saying screw it to 2010 - I'll do what I'm going to do, and there's really not much else I can say.

I would like to develop some guidelines for 2010 - here are things I plan on NOT doing:
  • starting smoking again
  • eating anything stale
  • adopting any more cats
  • dying my hair

I think that's a pretty good plan, here are some things that I plan on doing (but in no way plan on holding myself to:

  • working out occasionally
  • finally learning how to make a baked alaska
  • taking a real vacation
  • take first place in the blueberry pie eating contest

Here is what I KNOW will happen this year:

  • have a bilateral mammoplasty reduction (which sounds almost as awesome as it really is)
  • write in my blog more often than last year

Maybe I can write all about my super fun scheduled surgery in here. Hell, maybe I'll write it while I'm all effed up from the painkillers (don't you appreciate the way I only insinuated the swear there, and didn't actually say that - for all the kiddies out there reading this).

In completely unrelated news - Asrai received a laptop from Santa this year - VERY cool stuff - and I'm really jealous. Because of it, I set up a Facebook page for her - it's pretty well restricted, and I think she's pretty safe, but it worries me a bit - the fact that she's eleven and is getting to that point where I will - from here on out - know less and less and less about what's happening in her life. Scary stuff. Not that I'm concerned she'll do anything dumb, luckily she's quite a smart kid - but I watch the show intervention - I know how good kids can turn bad bad bad really fast.

I'm waiting to find out more about Faith's blog - apparently we're going to be duelling this year.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Asrai's Letter to Santa

Asrai did a rough draft of her letter to santa, and asked me to type it up for her so it will look nice. She's got a pretty pricey wish list this year, so she wanted to make sure he would remember all of her good qualities - for your reading pleasure:

Dear Santa,

I have been very good this year and I have also been helpful to people who need help. I have kept my room clean and am trying to do that to other rooms. I have good grades in school and I am excited that I am in an advanced math class.

At home, I feed my pets (Fossy, Fishy, Acie, and Gracie) and sometimes I cook for my mom. I even saved my cat Fossy from dying because she put her head in a ham bag and I got the bag off her head while she was running backwards with the bag on her head.

I want a laptop, Sims 3 and 2 with expansion packs, Twilight stuff (like posters, chocolates, thermos, and bookmarks with Jacob & Edward), and I’d also like dark room decorations and a fish aquarium with stuff such as plants and rocks, and a lap desk.