Thursday, December 3, 2009

Asrai's Letter to Santa

Asrai did a rough draft of her letter to santa, and asked me to type it up for her so it will look nice. She's got a pretty pricey wish list this year, so she wanted to make sure he would remember all of her good qualities - for your reading pleasure:

Dear Santa,

I have been very good this year and I have also been helpful to people who need help. I have kept my room clean and am trying to do that to other rooms. I have good grades in school and I am excited that I am in an advanced math class.

At home, I feed my pets (Fossy, Fishy, Acie, and Gracie) and sometimes I cook for my mom. I even saved my cat Fossy from dying because she put her head in a ham bag and I got the bag off her head while she was running backwards with the bag on her head.

I want a laptop, Sims 3 and 2 with expansion packs, Twilight stuff (like posters, chocolates, thermos, and bookmarks with Jacob & Edward), and I’d also like dark room decorations and a fish aquarium with stuff such as plants and rocks, and a lap desk.




Faith said...

oh my gosh this needs to be for real published.

and PLEASE expand on the ham bag incident! don't leave us hangin.

Jessy said...

Okay - the ham bag incident - I don't even remember it - but apparently Fossy got a hold of a ham bag (aka a deli bag that had formerly had ham in it - not nearly as exciting as it sounds) - and was so excited about the ham, that she got her head stuck in it, Asrai swooped in and rescued her - huzzah!