Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Could I be?

The other night I couldn't sleep. Not one little bit. The introduction of cable into my life has not been a good thing. Granted, I'm learning lots of stuff on the Food Network and Discovery Channel - but when I can't sleep - instead of having to sit there miserable, I can just turn the TV on. I think that when you're entertained, it's easier to not sleep.

Well, some night this week I was watching A&E around 2 am - and I saw this show called Hoarders - maybe you've seen it?

I think I might be a hoarder too.

Granted, it might just be that I'm feeling the way every freshman does when they take Psychology 101 - but it just hit super close to home. There was this woman who wasn't a complete freak (uncannily familiar already!!) and she had her deep dark secret, which was her ridiculously overflowing home. It was like looking into a time machine and seeing what my house will be like when Asrai goes off to college. I think what really worries me is that she ended up just having to move out - couldn't get it all done. Eep.

But, hopefully it was just a combination of insomnia and my messy bedroom making me feel that way.

Hey - maybe I'll get some serious cleaning done this weekend!!

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Faith said...

yowsa. i've seen the show. but i think you're a better fit for 'clean house.' love that niecey nash!