Friday, November 14, 2008

Some Reviews

So - I went and saw the Full Monty with my sisters and Janice and a couple of other gals - and I just realized that I hadn't reviewed it. We saw it at the Waterville Opera House, which is a really nice theatre - I was suprised, Waterville's actually quite a cute little town. The show was fantastic - I really can't even explain how fantastic it was. I had seen the show done by a professional group in 2006 and it was wonderful - but the fact that all of the actors/singers in this show were local was really awesome - we got to experience some wonderful local accents. And the most important part - at the end where they go the full monty - they totally did - and I totally saw some junk. Good times were had by all. Before we went to the show, we had dinner at this awesome little pizza place called the Grand Central Cafe - the food was totally delicious - it was a good night all around.

Then Faith cut my hair afterwards and I feel a bit more like a normal human being now.

Azi just got her school pictures back. I've noticed something about school pictures - if you pay for the big package, you end up with not very nice pictures, but if you only go with the cheap little package, you end up with great photos you want lots and lots of copies of. I went with the cheap package and love the picture - she hates it - such is life, right?

I am so happy that it's Friday - even though this was a choppy week (Tuesday off, that is a good thing) - it still feels like I've been sitting at my desk for decades without reprieve. Unfortunately, I've got to work at LLBean on Saturday and Sunday - hopefully that won't wear me down and make me feel like I haven't gotten a real weekend - you need to have a real weekend, right?

I think I'm going to try making something new on Sunday - I don't have to work until 5:30 and Azi  ill be at Mom and Jeanne's house - I'm not sure what to make - I've never made fudge before and really want to try out the recipe I've got for eggnog fudge - man that stuff is goooooood. Just a reminder that I have no need/desire to be skinny and hungry for yummy stuff.

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Sara said...

Okay...I can't believe you have your daughters photos and junk in the same blog post.

I totally wasn't expecting the junk part!!