Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wrapping Paper and Christmas Dinner

I love wrapping paper. In fact, I love wrapping paper so much that when Azi and I go shopping and we come upon a holiday paper display, she takes me by the hand (none too gently) and pulls me in another direction. Unfortunately, the internet has provided me with plenty of websites to keep me in wrapping paper for decades to come - check this out.

Maybe I should go to therapy to treat my wrapping paper addiction - I probably have enough rolls to wrap gifts for the next twenty-to-thirty years - I just can't help myself - it's all soooooo beautiful. Maybe I should get a new hobby. But when it comes time to wrap all my Christmas presents and I have dozens and dozens of choices - that makes me smile; and when I see all those beautiful packages under the tree - I smile a little more (my cheeks hurt a lot in December). I told Faith while she was visiting that the best present anyone could give me would be a big box full of wrapping paper (beautifully wrapped up, of course). I've already bought a few presents and am resisting the urge to wrap them before we get the tree - I want to do a whole big weekend around it.

Speaking of Christmas, I'm going to do a big family dinner at our new place. Conni, Dan and their kiddos will all be in Florida, and in all honesty, I'm pretty sure the whole family wouldn't fit in our house at one time -but I think I can squish Mom, Dad, Jeanne and Sarah's crew in. I can't WAIT to roast a turkey and do all the fixings. It'll be my first time hosting the holiday dinner. How very special!! I've already started looking for interesting recipes online - I got a recipe for artichoke puffs that sound super yummy. I'll probably do as much of it as I can on Christmas Eve when Azi goes to bed - we'll see!! I'll enlist Dad's help too, of course.

I shall keep all of my rabid readers (that would you be you, Sara) informed on my culinary decisions.


Sara said...

I'm going to drop all of my presents over at your house to give you the joy of wrapping!! :)

on an unrealted note...does it creep you out that I comment on your blog so much...I'm your biggest fan! HEHE!!

Jessy said...

That just means you're definitely my number ONE fan!!!