Tuesday, October 21, 2008

No more boxes - please!!

I'm sick and tired of packing. The fact that I need to be finished in a few days has not escaped me. What it means is that I don't get to stop packing regardless of how sick and tired of it I am.

Last night I was sick and tired, but for a different reason - I think it was related to my tetanus shot - did you know that throughout your life, every time you get a tetanus shot, more and more of the stuff builds up in your system? I imagine that if I get one when I'm in my seventies, I'll just fall asleep right there in the doctor's office. As I'm still only in my twenties (for a short bit more time, but that's a topic for another day's posting) I felt like I'd been awake for days and days. As you may have guessed - I did not get any packing done last night. I did wash the dishes and sweep the kitchen, but that's it!

I have tons more to do, and I think at this point I'd rather have a mild case of the bubonic plague than do anymore packing.

I did discover an incredible website today. Let's say you feel some itches in your britches... Oh snap - you've got crabs - how embarrassing!! Now you've got to tell all of your sexual partners - do you really want to have to call them all up? No!! Now with an easy click of a mouse, you can send an anonymous ecard to all of your potentially-crabby sex partners!! Just go to: http://www.inspot.org/tell-them/tell-them.aspx?sitelvl=1&regionID=25
Ah, look where technology has taken us!!!

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Sara said...

OMG I saw that website today on CNN or something like that...I was like...ohhh...but then I was like, if I'm giving someone crabs then I'm not going to be all about giving them my name and owning up to it...

BTW...nice use of oh snap there...definitely underused!!