Friday, October 17, 2008

I will be movitated.

Last night I took on the cabinets under the sink. And I won! Roarrrrr!!! For a while there, I really did consider leaving the heaps of sauce pans and jello molds, and scratchy-bottomed-non-stick-pans sitting on the kitchen floor. But I persisted, and came out with one box of things to keep - and two boxes of things to get rid of. I can totally hear the applause.

I had a strong woman experience last night (beyond parting with three identical glass mixing bowls that I don't need). We had to head to Petco to pick up some Iams for Acie and Gracie - it's worth the high price - I don't know the monetary value of not having to clean up vomit - but whatever it is - it makes up for the higher pricetag of the Iams. I was checking out and I overheard one employee say to another "Find a big, strong looking guy - he'll definitely have them." and the other say something about jumper cables.

I am not a big strong guy. I've actually never seen myself in that way. I do, however, have jumper cables. So - I jumped right in and offered my service. I probably would have offered them even if the girl hadn't made the big strong looking guy comment - but that totally sealed the deal. All people should keep jumper cables in their car. It's just the smart thing to do. Also - we should all keep a spare thing of deodorant, and a clean pair of socks. You just never know when you'll need them.

I have so much more packing to do. The problem is that I work best under pressure, and despite the fact that I only have nine days left until the moving party - I'm just not feeling the pressure. This makes me feel absolutely comfortable sitting at my desk and watching episodes of Project Runway instead of packing.

No more Project Runway! Yes more packing!!!

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Sara said...

You sound pretty motivated to me!

Plus, wasn't the winner of project runway announced?