Thursday, October 16, 2008

I love lists

I will always be thankful for short weeks due to long weekends (specifically the kind that have a paid holiday involved). I am so glad that the weekend is coming up so fast. This month is flying by, and I have so much to do in the way of packing and sorting and cleaning and EVERYTHING.

Here is my to do list for the rest of the month:

Sort through everything I own
Pack up everything I want to keep in a nice, organized fashion
Pick Faith up from the airport
Get Azi and my halloween costumes straightened out
Work two jobs
Plan Azi's birthday party (this includes invitations, making cake, wrapping gifts, etc.)
Move into the fabulous new apartment
Do loads of laundry

I know there's more - but that's all I've got for the moment!!

1 comment:

Sara said...

well... some of your things will go going through everything you own and packing. So that will make it a little easier. I hate to say it, but the month is about half over! You had better get your ass moving girl!! :)