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2010 Academy Awards - part 4

Ooh - tribute to horror movies!!!  Steve & Alec sharing a room - paranormal activity style - is Steve Possessed?

Too bad Azi's asleep - Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner - wow, her dress is stunning - Horror movie montage time!!  I vote The Shining as the scariest movie ever.  I still cover my eyes when they show those awful little girls in that movie.  Beetle Juice? Does that really count as a horror movie?  Or Twilight? Horror movies? Eeeek - they showed those creepy girls!!!!  Okay - other than the two extra non-horror movies, that was good.

Now - Zac Efron, and Anna Kendrik - Sound, Editing and Mixing, oooh - and Morgan Freeman is doing some voice-work - he's got the best sound out there.  Someone forgot to nominate Precious for this - but they did nominate Avatar.  Ah - the Hurt Locker won - I will have to see that, won't I?
And, Sound Mixing - I think all the nominees are the same - oh, no Transformers is in there, I think it won a Razzie this year.  Oh - here comes the Hurt Locker again.  the guy just had to come out from behind the curtain from where he just walked - that's pretty darn cool!

Now, Elizabeth Banks - Sci/Tech awards - I like her dress too. 

Whoa - John Travolta was nominated for an award???  Introducing Inglorious Basterds for best picture - man, watching all these clips reminds me of what a good movie it was too.

We're two hours in people, and I do wonder how many more hours it'll be.

Sandra Bullock (who everybody knows I met in the bowling alley I worked at in N.C. - and she told me I had a beautiful baby) - She looks absolutely amazing in her dress & hair & the lipstick is fabu!!!  Aw, a little nod for Harry Potter (I think that's a first) - Avatar wins - for Cinematography - Man, I'm going to have to read back through all of these blog pieces to count these Avatar wins.

Now I know why they were playing Ghost music, here comes Demi Moore - oooh - great dress again - a little too tight at the top though, it looks like her breasts are trying to climb out and escape.  She's introducing the in memoriam to people who were lost this year.  And now I know what James Taylor's big surprise was.  Now I have goosebumps again.  Damn, he makes me want to cry for good reasons.  That was beautiful. 

Jennifer Lopez & Sam Worthington - Her dress is a monstrosity.  I don't have a compliment for her - because apparently the wind tunnel that SJP was in hit her hair too.  Maybe it's super humid there or something? I don't know waht to say.  The guy - no idea who he is - is looking good though.  Now we have dancers.  I really don't like the interpretive dancing they're doing of the Hurt Locker - I think it just might be one of those movies that just really doesn't lend itself to interpretive dance.  Just watching this is making me feel uncomfortable.  The Fantastic Mr. Fox is more suited for the dance medium (or at least the music is) - but I think this entire concept should get someone fired, while their  moves might be cool - I think that this is just plain ridiculous.  This dumb dancing is trivializing all of the movies.  I love the score from Up - it's auditory godiva chocolate - but the guy being a robot, and the sideways hats are really ruining it.  I hope they're done.  Ugh - nope - still got Avatar to go.  The dancing is much better, and actually seems suited to this one.  That's good.  Okay, not the break dancing - that just looks silly to me.  Everybody in the audience seems to have liked it (except James Cameron) so, maybe it's just me - who's got the best original score? (I hope it's Up, the music just speaks to my heartstrings) - And the winner is Up - yay!! So the right choice!!  (well, the movie was the right choice, the stupid dancing was not - I'd have prefered a montage of images from the film - but I think they decided against that because it's the same movies over and over and over, and they want people to still want to see this after the awards are over).

Gerard Butler & Bradley Cooper - visual effects - Avatar (surprise surprise), District 9, Star Trek, should there even be other nominees in the visual effects category - of COURSE it's Avatar - how could it not be??

Jason Bateman - introducing best picture nominee Up in the Air - these montages they're showing really aren't doing much justice to the films - the actor clips have been so much better. 

Matt Damon - looking dreamy as usual - even though I am really not a fan of the bowtie.  Introducing best documentary feature - Burma VJ - the Cove (which I want to see but I think would be painful to watch - I  - don't think I could watch it) - Food Inc (is that david duchovny?) - The most dangerous man in america - Which Way Home (that clip gave me goosebumps) - Ah, the Cove wins - the only one I'd heard of - Maybe I will have to see it - one of the guys has a tube, like a poster tube or something like that?  And it says Text Dolphin to some number, but they moved away from it really fast - I think that you're not allowed to encourage money donations on the show or something.

Here's Tyler Perry - Film Editing - was Avatar nominated for every award???  The Hurt Locker wins (I'm hoping District 9 wins SOMETHING by the end of the night!) -  Aw, it was a married couple, and they were nice and earnest, I liked it.

Keanu Reeves - good timing - Hurt Locker nominated for best movie - okay, I take back my criticism of the clips of movies - because now I really want to go see the Hurt Locker - that was quite good. 

Quentin Tarantino & Pedro something - Best foreign language film - this is the category that got me to see Persepolis which was an amazing movie - the winner is The Secret in their Eyes (I think that's what he said)- Argentina - I was just checking wikipedia, and apparently each country can only submit one film, isn't that strange?

Kathy Bates - introducing best picture nominee - Avatar - which sure has been grabbing a lot of awards here - and I'll tell you, was a really good movie.  But when I don't know that it was best of the year material.  But you just never know what will win.  It was by far the most visually stunning movie of the year - that is a fact o' the matter.

Actor in a Leading Role - lots of people announcing - man, I want to look like Julianne Moore when I grow up - she is breathtaking.  Jeff Bridges - nominee number one - I love his eye crinkles.  Now George Clooney (in all his swoon-inducing glory) - Colin Firth (and I hear his performance in a Single Man was phenomenal) - Morgan Freeman (his voice should automatically win him anything he wants) - Jeremy Renner (who I'd never heard of before the Hurt Locker).  And here's kate Winslet with the envelope - and, as always, is she's stunning - and the winner is... Jeff Bridges (his first win ever!)  Aw, what a great speech - he's been married for 33 years - can you believe it?  And he thanked his three daughters by name, which makes me very glad that he won.

Only three awards to go and I can go to bed!  I think that I might not do my commentary next year, this might just be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me.

Best Actress time - oooooh!!!  I'm guessing Sandra Bullock - or Gabourey Sidibe (introduced by Oprah, can you even imagine?!?! I would be crying too) - but I could be wrong - Helen Mirren is pretty amazing too - and Meryl Streep has apparently been nominated at every Academy Awards since she was born.  Does Helen Mirren really have a spider web tattoo on her hand?  Carey Mulligan (who I'd never heard of before tonight either) - Who's it going to be? Now I'm hoping for Meryl Streep... Sean Penn is giving the award, and I don't get his references, maybe I missed last year's show...and the winner is... Sandra Bullock!  Yup, still looking stunning - aw, this is her first nomination & award!   Damn, and her speech brought tears to my eyes.  Oy.

Barbra Streisand now - best Director - Avatar - The Hurt Locker - Inglorious Basterds - Precious - Up in the Air - WOW - first woman to win - for the Hurt Locker - kathryn Bigelow - and, she's James Cameron's ex-wife (which has got to be really weird, right?)

Now - Tom Hanks (he's apparently the academy award governor!) - Best Picture time!!!  Last time there were 10 films nominated was 1943, and the winner is: The Hurt Locker!!!! 

So, there we go, The Hurt Locker takes home 6 out of the 9 awards it was nominated for.  Now it's definitely going on my Netflix queue.

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