Sunday, March 7, 2010

2010 Academy Awards - part 2

I wonder if Toyota will demand their advertising money back after the joke that was made about their cars as weapons earlier in the show?

Robert Downey Jr & Tina Fey - her dress keeps making me think of the Flintstones - like a really glamorous cavewoman dress.  His glasses & bowtie make me giggle.  not best dressed if you ask me.  They've got some good chemistry together - made me (and the whole crowd) laugh.  Best original screenplay - nominees - the Hurt Locker - looks pretty disturbing to me - Inglorious Basterds - good movie - great writing, if you ask me - The Messenger (I'd never heard of it - but I freaking love Woody from Cheers) - A Serious Man - but I heard that a Coen brothers movie won't win anytime soon after the debacle that was that movie about the murderous guy with the bowl cut - Up - which I loved - 'nuff said - and the winner is.......The Hurt Locker - maybe I should see it - but boy have I heard some creepy stuff about it.
I'd hate to have to be a loser and have to keep my face put together after I didn't win.

Molly Ringwald & Matthew Broderick - wow - she's gone REALLY red again - she varies.  I don't love her matching bracelet & waist-band - but the color of her dress is fantastico.  Talking about John Waters (have you heard that some hidden script of his was found after his death is going to be made into a movie - should be interesting).Weird Matthew Broderick's voice hasn't changed one bit in all these years.  "Those aren't pillows!!""Yeah, you'll be happy, you just won't know it, that's all" - nice little montage there. Now a whole bunch of the folks who starred in his movies.  They all got so OLD!!!  Am I the only one who keeps wanting to clap?

Samuel L. Jackson - introducing best movie nominee "Up" - which, you already know, I Love! I don't think I "best movie of the year" love it - but it was beautiful. Aw, shoot, now that they're showing bits of it with the music, I feel a little sniffly. 

No idea how to spell either of these names - Karey Mulligan& Zoe Saldana  - ha - found it. Love the purple poofy dress, don't love the slit up the front - but it's soo pretty.  They're introducing best animated short - French Roast - Granny O'Grimms Sleeping Beauty - cute looking - The Lady and the Reaper - Logorama - and something Wallace & Grommit-ish.  Logorama won - but from that little clip they showed, I didn't love it. Maybe it's actually really fabulous when you watch it in person.
Now - nominees for best Documentary Short - wow - I don't know about you - but I've never seen any of these, has anyone? They're not even showing clips at this point - the winner is "Music by Prudence" - aw, but the guy who made it is wicked endearing -and then this scary redheaded woman just jumped out and stole the microphone from him. Huh.  She's not endearing. Now they started the music and he doesn't get to finish talking, they're the first people to be played off the stage. 
Now - best Live Action Short - ooh - cool looking stuff!  "The New Tenants" wins - looks like some guy goes to an apartment and gets hit in the head with a shovel or something. I might need to watch it.  Hopefully these guys are going to take turns talking or fight over the microphone. Guy number two is trying to rush along guy number one - hopefully guy number two will get to talk.  Nope - they completely cut off guy number two.  Bummer.

Now - Ben Stiller - who I hear is making a sequal to Zoolander! I think he must be introducing Avatar as best picture nominee - wow - no, actually the award for best makeup!  And Avatar wasn't not nominatred.  Hee Hee hee... Aw, he plays awkward so well.  Nominees - Il Divo, Star Trek,  The Young Victoria - huh, that's it???  Only three?  Winner is... Star Trek (anybody surprised by that one?) - I'd at least heard of the Young Victoria, but I thought Il Divo was just an annoying opera group.  It looked like Kate Winslet was crying in the audience.  Huh.  Maybe it's allergies.

Jeff Bridges introducing - best movie nominee - A Serious Man - (the Coen brothers one that I've heard just won't win because of them).  I've heard it's pretty freaking amazing though.  Although the clips they just showed make me think that it might be a bit too serious of a movie for me.  I really like it a bit more light-hearted.

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