Thursday, January 10, 2013

Ticket Time!

I have been neglectful of the world wide everyone with my Marlboro Ranch Trip updates!!!

Back on Wednesday, January 2nd, I received our Airline tickets, in addition to information on what we need to bring, a $25 Visa card for myself, and for my sister, for us to check our luggage (which you can read all about in my next post).

Our Information was in these cool little folders

The letter was filled with great info on what to bring, as well as contact info for the ranch.  In the ticket folders are little handouts for folks back home - emergency contact info for us at the Ranch.

The most FUN thing (yes, I know, the plane tickets are super fun, and definitely added an element of reality to this dreamlike vacation) was the "Activity Confirmation." If you read my post "Paperwork II: The Fun Stuff" then you saw the form we got to fill out rating our preference for different activity choices.  The Activity Confirmation has our schedule of activities for days 2 & 3 of our trip!  Check it out!

I used my incredible office skills to remove our last names

I'm beyond thrilled at the Zip Line Adventure, and the Dog Sledding.  I am really interested in the Archery Adventure, and I'm actually kind of glad we got wait listed for the snowmobile; I was nervous that the posture you maintain on a snowmobile might not be beneficial for someone who had spinal surgery less than six months ago.  

All in all - this is, as usual, a total win!! 

Luggage arrived today, but I decided to make that a separate post!

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