Thursday, January 10, 2013

Luggage Has Arrived!

I created a Facebook page for the January 12 - 15, 2013 Marlboro Chill Off the Grid Winners - and have been reading, with plenty of excitement, about other travelers receiving their luggage.  

Despite my characteristic desire to be surprised with gifts and things, as soon as I found out about the trip, I started googling what "gifts" I would be receiving, so I knew it was VERY likely that we would get luggage.  The mystery, of course, was what that luggage would look like!

I was really surprised when the box arrived today at work, because the woman I spoke to at Marlboro had said it would be sent to my house.  It appears that our box has been through some times; it received a second set of tape at some point between Southaven, MS and here.  Don't tell my sister, but she's getting the bag that has a couple of little mud splotches on it.

When the box arrived, I was PRETTY sure it was the luggage, even though, as I said, I wasn't expecting it to come to me at work.  Because I win a lot of things (see my Incredibly Lucky 2012), I wasn't 100%.

Here is what arrived:

I'm impressed with my restraint - taking a picture before opening it!!

Inside the box was our luggage - two rolling "Vertex" Duffels, and two baseball caps.  

Sadly, I generally do NOT look very nice in hats, but, am totally excited about wearing this one when we're at the airport (specifically our Chicago to Bozeman flight, which will have a number of other travelers on it!!).

Here I am, rocking my hat (which, thankfully doesn't scream Marlboro - which would be okay, but not as classy looking):

Yes - that is a paisley shirt - that's how I roll
I'm not sure if I'll have time to blog anymore about my pre-trip excitement before it's actually Trip time!!!  We leave at 5:39 am on Saturday, and then arrive in Bozeman a little after 2:00 pm.  I can PROMISE that I will post PLENTY of pictures when I return!

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Brendan Kenny said...

I have had terrible luck with luggage. The past two times I have traveled the airport lost a bag and the other one came back severely damaged. I learned my lesson and now have some Spinner Luggage, which is a lot more durable. I also have my information on the bag so that it won't get lost.

Kelly Blackwell said...

How fun! And you look cute in the hat.