Friday, November 9, 2012

Paperwork II - The Fun Stuff

Did you hear that?

I suspect folks all across the nation heard the squeal that I just let out!  It's wild, I just got the confirmation phone call, with my dates, and the FedEx guy delivered the second set of paperwork this morning!!!

This is the fun stuff - we get to give our sizes for hat/clothing (they provided a handy-dandy hat sizer, as I suspect I'm not the only person who has never thought about her hat size beyond infant-youth-adult. I'm not, am I?), and pick out our activities!!!

I'm going to scan all the paperwork that came, but thought I could give you a summary!

We get to rate our interest level in different activities:

  • Archery Adventure - My one experience with this proved to me that I'm no Katniss
  • Zipline Adventure - I have ALWAYS wanted to do this - and no flesh eating bacteria is going to dissuade me.
  • Dogsledding - Even though I lived in Alaska for a winter, I've never even met a single sled dog!
  • Snowmobile Intro & Trail Ride - I REALLY want to do this!  It's pretty crazy that I've lived in Maine for the vast majority of my life and have never been on a snowmobile.  My only concern with this is whether or not it's a good idea with my back (I had back surgery in July of this year - Laminectomy and Microdiscectomy in case you're wondering.  I feel FANTASTIC now, but am terrified of injuring my back again)
We provide our sizes for the following items:
  • Boot Size (option of Men's and Women's sizes)
  • Glove Size - this is unisex sizing - I think I might need to go try on gloves at LLBean or something to figure that out.
  • Hat Size - as I mentioned, they included a hat sizer, but I think I'll need my sister's help using it, as my eyes are not on stalks like a snail.
  • Jacket Size - I wish I knew what brand it is - I might try LLBean on this as well
  • Thermal Undergarment Sizing - (aka Long Johns) - this is unisex, which I need to keep in mind, as I am not a very tall person.
We get to specify if we want to share a bed, or have two beds (and while I do love my sister a lot, I don't love her in a creepy way that would make me want to share a bed with her).

We specify our tobacco preference.  As I said before, I'm not a regular smoker anymore, it's just when I'm "out" or at a party or something.  The equation works like this: Jessy + Alcohol = Jessy + Cigarettes.  It's not a complicated equation.

The fantastic folks at Marlboro also provided a schedule of when everything else will happen, keep in mind that the trip is January 12 - 15, I'm sure these dates are specific to our trip date, but if you're going on the trip, you can probably math it out:
  • Around December 3rd, I will get a call confirming my mailing address. I have until December 10 to change my travel companion (I guess that means Conni had better be on her best behavior!)
  • Around December 31, I will receive the airline tickets, and a check for $600 (this should cover the taxes I will need to pay on the trip in 2014)
  • From January 1 - January 11th - I will be consumed with my upcoming trip, and will have trouble eating/sleeping/etc.  
Tonight I'm meeting with Conni to do our hat sizing and paperwork.  I won't have access to a fax machine until Tuesday because of Veteran's Day on Monday, but will fax the info Monday morning!

I am over the moon excited.  I scanned in all of the paperwork I received - read on!

Descriptions of the activities & the Hat Sizers!

The Official Letter

Rating Activities

Size and Preferences

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