Wednesday, November 7, 2012

It's Official!!

I just got off the phone with a lovely woman at the Marlboro, and after over six weeks of waiting for the background check to go through - we are officially scheduled to go to the Crazy Mountain Ranch from January 12 - 15, 2013!!!!!

I am over the moon excited.  I feel a little bad because all of my election-related excitement has really faded into the background (although I must point out that my beloved home state is the FIRST state in the nation to legalize gay marriage through a popular vote - I am one proud lady!!!!).

This has been my morning:

  • 2:00 am - finally turned the TV off, after Obama made his AMAZING speech, and the news coverage ended
  • 2:30 am-ish - fell asleep
  • 6:45 am - woke up for work
  • 8:00 am - got to work 
  • 8:01 am - talked with coworker about our excitement over election results
  • 8:30 am - made car and hotel reservations for "Prospective Students Weekend" at the high school my daughter is hoping to attend (check it out - it's pretty amazing: The Maine School of Science and Mathematics)
  • 10:39 am - got the phone call from Janet at the Marlboro Travel office, congratulating me on being an official winner, and telling me that the earliest date available would be January 12 - 15th (this was really exciting, because when I called last week to check on the status of our paperwork, they told me that it would probably be mid-February at the earliest)
  • 10:43 am - sent the first of roughly 8,000 texts to Conni (my travel companion, and big sister) asking her if those dates work - I have plenty of flexibility at work, so it's not an issue for me, however, she had to have her days off for 2013 submitted by last Friday
  • 11:02 am - Conni replied "Yes!"
  • 11:03 am - I call back, and tell Janet we're good for those dates!!
As you can see, it's been one busy morning!!!  According to Janet, we should be receiving the "fun" paperwork in a week to ten days - this will have our gear and activity forms.  She suggested we fill it out as fast as possible, as activities are assigned on a first come, first serve basis, luckily, there's a faxing option!!!  After that, she'll be contacting me in early December to finalize all of the travel arrangements!!

I am over the moon with excitement right now.  There's one tiny bummer - my nephew Aaron (who is completely and totally cool and awesome) is turning 18 while we'll be in Montana, and Conni is freaking out a bit over missing his birthday.  I think that just means we have to throw him the swankiest birthday party ever when we get back.  

I promise I will update the blog with any news I hear, and as soon as the paperwork comes in!!!

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