Friday, October 5, 2012

The Cure for Wonky Body Syndrome

Do you have a completely perfectly proportioned, flawless body? Yes? Well - kudos to you! I, on the other hand, definitely do NOT.  I suspect my waist measurement might actually be bigger than my hip measurement, and we're not even going to broach the comparison of my "arm thighs" (this is my word for the tops of arms - above the elbow.  I'm sure there's a common word, but arm thigh works for me), to my thighs.

If you, like me (and the rest of normal women), suffer from WBS (wonky body syndrome), and have ever tried ordering clothes online, you have probably experienced that moment when your joy at opening the package wears off, and the reality of trying to zip it, or looking at your ridiculous reflection kicks in.  I'd include pictures, but there's always a chance that I'll want to start dating again, and it wouldn't help.

I recently discovered a company called eShakti, I think it popped up as an ad on a page I was looking at.  They have gorgeous garments, tops, skirts, but what I like most are the dresses!  While having cool dresses in sizes up to 36W is pretty dang impressive - the fact that customization is built into the price is even more awesome.  For $89.95, you can order the gorgeous dress at the left "Retro Twill Shirt Dress" in a number of colors, and you input your height, then select one of eight sleeve styles, and one of five lengths.

The real bonus, for gals like me (and maybe you too!), is that for $7.50, you can have this dress COMPLETELY customized!  You provide measurements for your: Shoulder, Chest, Bust, Under Bust, Waist, Hip, Upper Arm, and Length of Arm - as well as your height and specifying your sleeve style, and hem length!  For only $7.50!!!!! How crazy is that!?!?!?

I used to love making my own clothes back in the day, but they were so far from these beautifully tailored creations, they looked way more like a sheet ghost on Halloween than Scarlett's drapes in Gone With the Wind.

It's odd that this isn't a common thing, you know? For a couple of Holiday seasons, I worked at the local LLBean call center taking orders; for men's pants, the measurements are VERY specific - the inseam and the waist; for their shirts, the measurement is even MORE specific, down to centimeters for the collar, and they measure the sleeves too.  Why is it that women, who have waaaaaaaaaaay more clothing options and, in general, have more clothes, get "petite," "regular," and "tall" - customization is something you pay a little old lady at a bridal shop to do, or you do yourself.

One of these days, I'm going to get one of these super gorgeous dresses - I might even post a picture, who knows!!!

I'm just so excited about this awesome company/concept, that I had to share for other WBS folks like me!!

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