Saturday, October 27, 2012

2nd Annual Bangor Zombie Walk

It may have been Bangor's second annual Zombie Walk, but it was Jessy's First!!!  I had so much fun doing this. If you want to see more pictures of the event - check out the Bangor Zombie Walk page on Facebook!

My very first zombie walk - you can see how excited I was!

Yes, I realize that zombies are totally mainstream, and not at all fringe, hipster, or cool, but, I FLIPPING LOVED IT!!!!!


I love zombie movies, zombie tv shows, zombie comic books, zombie novels, and, the newest addition to that list - I love zombie walks!!!  My two local sisters, my daughter, and one of my nieces all got dolled up and participated in this year's walk.  It was AWESOME!!!  I'm only posting my pictures, but there was at least one professional photographer taking pictures.

That's not a brain!

I think that the most fun part (besides splattering each other with blood!!) was seeing all the other amazing costumes.  There was a Ronald McDonald zombie with a Burger King head on a stick (seriously - how awesome is that???). Sadly, you'll just have to imagine him - because I didn't get a picture.

You can probably see the family resemblance.

I was one of MANY doctor zombies.  I wasn't expecting quite so many - but realistically, it would be us, the first responders, who would get turned right away (yeah, I know, I have a BA, and I have no real medical experience, but those were real scrubs I got at the thrift store).

I hope everyone has a great Halloween - I can't wait to do this all again for work on Wednesday!!

I was enjoying a "Zombie Apocalypse" at a local restaurant after the Zombie Walk.  As I kept saying - Alcohol is the new Brainzzzzzzzz

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