Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fourteen Years Ago

While a significant chunk of the country is under water, and suffering in awful conditions caused by Sandypocolipse/Frankenstorm/SUPERstorm/Angry Water, we, in Maine, have been pretty much unscathed.  I was a bit concerned for my brother, as he lives a literal stone's throw from ocean waters, but, other than some sand in the road, he seems to be A-okay, and my lucky nieces got a snow day!

I was, honestly, hoping for a rain/storm day (usually I'm hoping for snow days, but it's been in the high fifties), but when I watched footage of what's happening all along the Eastern Seaboard, I am quite happy to have to work.  I was watching streaming weather.com on my laptop until about 4:00 this morning, constantly peeking out my window and wondering where my storm was.

When I woke up the lovely Miss A this morning, I sang "Happy Birthday" to her (just as I did at midnight on the dot last night - a bit of a family tradition), and we agreed that having to deal with work/school is vastly superior to having a tree on our car, or having our house flooded and all of our things ruined.

Yesterday, in the car, while out collecting ingredients for her birthday cake, I told her the story about the day she was born *don't worry - I totally left out the really gross parts.  The wildest thing about it all was when I said "well, you'll be fourteen tomorrow, I was five years older than that when you were born."  I'm so thankful that she is such a collected, smart lady, hopefully she'll make wiser decisions regarding the timing of having children!!!

While I might regret the timing of my introduction to parenthood, I will never ever ever ever regret my introduction to my girl.  Honestly, we've done some growing up together, and have a fantastic relationship now.  We noshed on some trial birthday cake for breakfast, and will have lobster rolls and french fries for dinner tonight.

So - while yes, this is an awful day for a lot of people, it's an incredible day for me.  Fourteen years ago today, I had the chance to meet the person who had been making me so uncomfortable!

The Prettiest Girl in the Room

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