Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My Daughter is Catching up to Me

Fact: I am nowhere near old enough to have a daughter in eighth grade.  HOWEVER, my lovely girl decided to do just that thing this morning!  She was excited and adorable in her Black High-Top Chuck Taylor All Stars, and fashionably straightened hair.  

Being Quite Excited

She asked me to post on FB asking for local babysitting gigs.  I am obviously nowhere near old enough to have a daughter who babysits.  

This leads me to the conclusion that she is aging faster than me, and may one day overtake me.  It makes sense, right? I should probably have her taken in for tests at the doctor's office so they can figure out how to SLOW DOWN THE AGING process.

On a positive note (the opposite of an "I'm getting old" note) her day was fantastic!


Faith said...

i am not a robot! i am your sister! i come in peace.

Jessy said...

Is my sister a robot?

That is the question.