Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Marlboro Ranch - Chill off the Grid

If you're a regular reader, you most likely saw my post last week about discovering that I won a trip to the Marlboro Ranch for this coming spring.  I've spent a RIDICULOUS amount of time looking up blogs from folks who have gone on these trips in the past, and am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my packet of forms from Marlboro.

Because I'm a bit of a nervous nelly, I have now called twice.  The first time was to give my work address to have the forms delivered; that was last Monday (I received the notification on Saturday), and they hadn't gotten my name in the office yet.  I called again this Monday (yesterday) to verify that they had the correct address, and received a message back that the forms have been FedExed and should arrive by the middle of this week.

In the words of a gal headed out west "YEEEEEE-HAW!!!!"

My sister, Conni, and I have been texting like crazy about our plans for the four days and three nights of awesomeness.  While I used to be a verifiable chain smokin' mama, I now just smoke if there's alcohol involved - which means that I will most likely be chain smoking the whole time we're in Montana, as there's an open bar.

If you're interested in learning more about the trip (including, like me, desperately wanting to know what the "gifts" will be) - here are some of the best sites I've found from people who have already been on the trip!

I PROMISE I'll be doing regular updates about this, as I am SUPER DUPER FLIPPING EXCITED!!!!

I like this one because the folks went on a winter trip, which is what we'll be doing: http://www.czarinanocon.com/web/Czarina_Nocon_MarlboroRanch/index.html

This site is great because they have detailed EVERY aspect of the trip, including the paperwork! http://thepodanys.blogspot.com/p/info-about-marlboros-crazy-mountain.html

Some super cool person out there made a facebook page for the trip!!!  https://www.facebook.com/MarlboroRanchJanMarch2013

To read all posts related to this win - go to my Marlboro Ranch Page!

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