Saturday, September 29, 2012


It's nearly the end of September, and I am CHILLY!!!  I definitely prefer a bit chilly over hot and muggy, but, I'm typing this from my day bed, with a down comforter on my lap, and my fleece lined sweatshirt over my PJ top (yes, I am still wearing my PJs at 1:30 pm on a Saturday - it's a SATURDAY).

The thermostat reads 59 degrees in the house, and I have been trying for several hours to motivate my darling daughter to help me take the AC unit out of the window (I don't want to turn the heat on until that's out, as the nice, warm air would just go outside).  While I never would have been able to do it myself because it's monstrously heavy, especially since I had back surgery 2 1/2 months ago, I REALLY don't want to risk it.

I need to take a nice, long bath - I've got a big sisters' night out (Fifi is in town from Alaska and the four of us sister - and others - are hitting the town tonight).  The cold air in the house is making me avoid a nice, hot bath because of the brrrrrrr factor of the air in the house.

My current avoidance is being aided by my viewing pleasure - I finally broke down and rented The Cabin In The Woods on Amazon (I really can't remember what life was like before I had the ability to watch pretty much any movie I wanted via the Roku - I'm a happy lady).  I saw a bit of it a while ago, but hadn't had a chance to finish it. I love pretty much anything Joss Whedon does (who doesn't???).  I guess it's a Joss Whedon week, as we watched The Avengers (in 3D!!!) last night at my sister Sarah's house.  I must say, I'm quite jealous of the whole 3D TV experience.  While I do love a good superhero flick - this tongue-in-cheek horror/comedy is more my style.

Because I was already on Amazon, I ordered the new lip rings for the aforementioned darling daughter (I'm such a nice Mama), from her reports, the ones she has now are a pain to put back in after gym class.

There's one thing I've really been wanting from Amazon for a while now (I saw reviews of it on several blogs, and that's made me want it even more).  It's a tray that goes right across your bathtub, so you can read, or, I don't know - do needlework? For me, it's definitely reading :) - the best looking one I've found so far is the Umbra Aquala Bamboo and Chrome Bathtub Caddy.  The reviews are great, and I think my Kindle would be safe on it.  It's also pretty darn cute.  I'm thinking that I might buy it for myself for Christmas, and then make Azi wrap it up for me under the tree.  I've also got the new Kindle Fire HD 8.9", Dolby Audio, Dual-Band Wi-Fi, 16 GB on my wishlist for Christmas, but I might have to make up a reason to get that for myself a bit early :)

Dang! Zombies just came out of the lake - I'm out for now!  

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