Wednesday, January 6, 2010

People who live on the other side of the foreclosed house next door

I don't like you. Yes, I mean you - people who live on the other side of the foreclosed house next door.

It's not because the only time I ever see an adult on your porch, they're busy yelling at the litters of children you have running around shoeless in the driveway (believe me, if those were my kids - I'd be yelling too)

It's not because when it rains, you have your kids put on their swimsuits to go and play in the motor oil and mud puddles in the driveway (hell, it looks pretty fun)

It's not because you have tons of garbage & debris heaped around your porch and front yard (who am I to complain, I'm not the world's tidiest girl by any means)

But there is a reason I don't like you - and this is it:
On Christmas Day, I was driving over to my sister's house for dinner at 3:00 pm - and you had your undecorated Christmas tree sitting out in a snowbank.

Seriously people, what's up with that? I can ignore everything else - I don't really care - but what was sooooooooo important that it couldn't wait until at LEAST the day after Christmas? Do you have pine needle allergies? Well - buy a fake tree!!! Was the tree too dried out? It surely didn't look it to me, and maybe you should water it more next year.

Whatever your reason is - I can tell you flat out - it's not good enough. And from now on, just know you have a new nemesis on Parkview Avenue.

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Faith said...

you tell 'em, sister!