Monday, January 11, 2010

I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait

WiiWhen will it be tax return time???  We went to Searsport for Jeanne's birthday party this weekend.  And along with visiting with family & friends, and snuggling with adorable cats, I set up Jeanne's new Wii & Wii Fit - and it was AWESOME.  I am soooooooo jealous - and Azi and I both can't wait to have the setup for ourselves.

What that means is that for the next few weeks, I'll be biting my nails more than usual, and continually checking my mailbox, and our employee database system to see if my W2s are available yet.  This is when having the second job at Christmas really sucks - because I'm waiting for W2s from two separate places.

As usual, I'll be filing through the freefile thing - I generally go with Turbo Tax, I like their super suave software - it's very easy to follow along with.  Although I do like to go in before I know my real numbers, pretend to be an accountant, and calculate it out myself - I've actually gotten pretty good at it.

Jessica Brainerd, CPA - has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

I really had wanted to get myself a laptop like Azi got for Christmas.  I think it's unreasonable that Santa only comes for kids.  I was very, very, very good last year too - but what did I get from the big guy? Cold hard nothing people!!!  It might be related to the fact that we didn't bake him cookies this year - I don't know, whatever it is, I'm feeling neglected.

So.  I'm just stuck here waiting for tax return time.  I hope I get it before I have my surgery, so I can buy myself some stylish new tops.  Oh, and catch up on bills - that too.

Today, my annual box of fruit and deliciousness from Harry & David came - and, as has become tradition, there was something wrong with it.  Last year, my fruit was super ugly - this year, my fruit was super frozen.  Luckily the people at H&D are tres cool - and they're sending out a replacement package - I just want my pears man, just my pears - that's not too much to ask, is it??

I will enjoy my frozen pears anyway, I'm sure they'll be cold & delicious, right?


Faith said...

ah, yes - you and your h&d fruit scamming! i know, i know, you're not scamming - you're just demanding excellence. but aren't all of those imperfect pears still just as tasty as the pretty ones? :)

Jessy said...

Actually, the imperfect pears have one problem that means I'm not scamming them - where the skin has turned black, the fruit gets hard and not awesome.