Monday, January 4, 2010

Let it Snow Snow Snow!

We had a major snowstorm this weekend. Not nearly as major as I'd like (fourteen foot walls of snow were floating around in my imagination) - but it was a decent snowstorm - I'd guess we got about a foot and a half (before the stupid rain came along and patted it down quite a bit). Before the plowtruck came, I had been watching a wall of snow build up against the car across the driveway from me. I wanted to wait until the end of the storm to get a picture of it - it was above the wheels, and piled up close to the door-handle. Then, some BASTARDS went out and shoveled around it! I know it wasn't the car-owners, because those are the landlords, and I was getting their mail for them since they were away for the weekend.

So, I thought to myself - well, at least I'll get to take a picture of my suby-ru's snow-mo-hawk - NOPE - the same BASTARDS took it upon themselves to completely clean all the snow off my car too!! The nerve!

I know, I know, I should be thanking them for their kindness and saving me the trouble of cleaning the car off - but I LOVE the snow - and I particularly love photographic evidence of said snow. Whatever - hopefully this won't be the only big storm this year.

Granted, I'd prefer that the next big storm happen mid-week so that I can get at least one good snowday in :)

In completely un-snow-related news, I got an appointment for my surgery - I'm WICKED excited - at this point, I think I'm more thrilled about the week off of work - but I think that once my surgery is over and I'm feeling good - I'll appreciate the actual work the surgeon does more than the days off of work.

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