Sunday, November 15, 2009

Back to Blogging

Here we go - I'm back to working two jobs again (loving the underpaying second job oh so much more than the overstressing first job, but I think that's the nature of life, right?) - and unable to sleep very well - so I think it's time to devote myself to some more casual rantings.

Today, Asrai and I drove to see Dan & Maria in Dover to pick up the mattress & boxspring they were giving her. I'm not a bad mother for having my daughter sleep on a thin, bendy, springs-out-all-over mattress. Faith and I had much much much worse mattresses than that when we were kids - and we've turned out so well, I've always assumed that the worse your mattress was as a child - the more kickass you are as an adult. I admit it, I was simply justifying not buying the kid a new mattress. Do you have any idea how expensive they are???

Back to the story - we were at D&M's house - and they are in the midst of renovations. Unfortunately, I didn't bring my camera - but I wish I could show you how absolutely gorgeous the paint they've used in the living room is - I think the name was something along the lines of spring green - but that really doesn't tell you how great it is. I'll be sure to put a picture up when I get a chance to take one. The mattress, also, is pretty damn amazing - I'm anxious for the next time Asrai stays at a friend's house overnight - I'm quite sure I'll be crashing in the twin bed.

I also made some beef stew today. I've been calling it "rancid beef stew" - because I wasn't 100% about the beef. It was one of those - how long was it in the fridge debates - it looked a bit un-awesome - but smelled fine, so I decided to go with it. Does that make me a bad mother? Nope, once again - I'm in the clear - it appears to be totally fine. As usual, the beef stew was super delicious - and I even made brownies with the last egg in the house for dessert (a little insurance for the "not a bad mother" decision). Hopefully, neither of us will become terribly ill sometime soon. Fingers are crossed, as I think we're out of pepto.

Tomorrow, I've got LLBean - and the University (of course) - I can't remember if I lined up a babysitter yet though. I'm guessing I did, really, would I be that forgetful? Okay, so there's about a 40% chance that I don't have a babysitter lined up yet. I'm sure everything will work out. I think that's my biggest strength - the way things around me have a tendency to work out in the end. I bet there are a lot of ghosts who wish they had that going for them.

I must sleep eventually. Hopefully some more mundane things will happen tomorrow so I'll have something else to write about!


Faith said...

weren't our mattresses basically cardboard covered in felt? with 'space age' pictures printed on them?

Jessy said...

Hell yes they were. I was telling Asrai about the bunkbed "mattresses" (aka medieval torture devices) last night, and told her that if she didn't believe me, you would tell her more. I think what made them REALLY bad is that the very, very, very, very thin "mattresses" were directly aboard pointy wooden slats that dug into our backs.