Monday, December 1, 2008

O Christmas Tree - O Christmas Tree

I am a big fan of Christmas. I'm into all Christmas-related items and activities. I enjoy shopping and decorating, baking - all of it is gold to me. It's become a tradition of mine to go and get my Christmas Tree the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Yesterday I dutifully went to an ATM and got cash out. I'd already called around for prices (the lowest anywhere is $25 - which is a sure sign of inflation if you ask me). I stopped where I guy had a whole bunch of trees set up in a parking lot, and was going to go back there (he's a local guy, seemed to make sense) - but then I saw that they had a bunch of trees at the Blue Seal store. We picked the skinniest tree we could find - not that I don't love big, full trees - it's just that the spot we have for the tree is near the doorway into the kitchen and a full tree could keep us from being able to get in there.

Yes - we got a skinny tree. When I got it home, I noticed that some of the branches at the bottom of the tree had been broken when it was bundled up (the tree was bundled with rope when we bought it), and that alarmed me a bit, but you have to cut the bottom off the tree in order to let it get water, so I didn't think much of it.

I stood it up in the stand and screwed it in while Azi held it straight, then she cut the rope, and immediately all sorts of branches started falling off. Apparently when they packaged our tree, they weren't very gentle with it - hell, maybe it fell off the truck or something. I decided that it's just a plus, because we've got to have the tree against the back window, and the huge bald spot actually gives it a nice, flush fit against the wall.

However, today it was bugging me a bit that the tree was so very obviously sub-par - so I called Blue Seal - I just wanted to voice my concerns and let them know they ought to check the other trees - the fact is that they're paying for those trees from somewhere and are getting a pretty shite deal. The lovely woman at Blue Seal offered me a partial discount on my tree - and when I stopped by at lunch time she gave me 1/3 of my money back - none too shabby!!

I also had to return some items to Penney's today. I spent a weeeeeeeeee bit too much money there on Friday when I was sleep deprived and debit-card happy - tsk tsk tsk.

The most important thing I did this weekend was to take this AWESOME picture of our cat Acie. She is apparently not a big fan of Christmas or hats.

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Sara said...

I can't believe they gave you money back! How lucky are you!!