Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Great Pigeon Rescue of 2008

Here in Libby Hall, we occasionally get birds that fly into our big air ducts (they're the size that toddlers could walk around in - we're not talking Baby Jessica-type spots, more roomy) and they twitter and tweet very loudly and we all feel guilty - then we'll take the grate off, and try to woo them with bird seed and water, and after a while they go away (or they die, but I'd like to think they find a way to escape and are maybe living in the break room or something like that).

Well, least week the twittering and tweeting started, and what sounded like wings thrashing around. Angela and I took off the grate and she put some seed and water in for it. Eventually it was comfortable enough to let us see it, but not to come out.

This morning, someone came and rescued that little bird, who I have named Sally - it's a baby pigeon - and so effing cute, I just want to bite it (I refrained). I got to hold it (then I promptly washed my hands, so as to avoid the pesky bird flu) and it was sweet - I wish I could take it home, but Acie and Gracie would just think I'd brougth them a live snack - and that wouldn't end well for anyone.

The gentleman who did the rescue is bringing little Sally over to the animal science or something people - hopefully they'll be able to nurture her and get her ready for a long life of living under a bridge and pooping on strangers!! Yay for Sally!!!!

Unfortunately, I didn't have a camera with me, so I had to google the closest picture I could find to my beloved Sally:


Sara said... cute! But I'd kill myself if there were birds all flying around me (or there could be). SEVERE flying animal phobia!! Are you going to visit her with the animal science people?

Jessy said...

Apparently she's (or he whatever the case may be) is at some bird sanctuary place - they had a baby pigeon who needed a playmate!