Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cat Shaming? I don't think so.

I'm sure you've heard about the recent popularity of a fantastic web site devoted to "Dogshaming."  If, for some reason, you haven't - check it out - it's great.  I think what I like the most about it is that the dogs truly do look as though they're doing penance for their crimes against humans.

I've thought about all of the terrible traits of cats (this list is limited to cats that are currently living in my house):

  • Eating so much that they vomit
    • with a particular penchant for vomiting in places I am assured to step in it when I'm walking, barefoot to the bathroom at night, or
    • vomiting on my bed, and then dragging the covers over it so I have a nice surprise when I go to snuggle in at night
  • Peeing on laundry - generally, this is reserved for dirty laundry, but honestly, they don't really care
  • Spreading cat litter on everything within two feet of the litter box, with the exception of their poop
  • Scratching the walls, rather than pricey cat scratchers
  • Attacking my mother
  • Scratching screen windows to the point that I had to buy an air conditioner to keep it cool inside
  • Knocking their water bowl over so that I get my socks wet
Wow.  If I did all of that, I would be SUPER ashamed, wouldn't you? 

My cats, however, are completely blase about the whole thing, and I suspect they laugh about me behind my back.  Why????

Fact of the day: Cats don't feel shame; they just feel awesome.

PS - I think some of this behavior is due to human tendancy to do embarrassing things like force them to wear Santa hats and stuff like that.

This earned me a nice, cold pile o' vomit in the bed

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