Friday, December 17, 2010

Preparing for the Mad Truffle Dash

Tonight is the night.

My dishes are clean, the kitchen is sparkling, little bottles of liquor are lined up on my spice shelf.

Baby, it's truffle making time.

I plan on going through 15 pounds of chocolate, if you're looking for an idea of how many truffles I'll be making - nevermind the other ingredients (which are a secret, so you don't get to know about them!!) - I'm about to make people seriously happy with some good Christmas presents!

Flavors will include:
Eggnog (with spiced rum)
Dark Chocolate with Grand Marnier
White chocolate with Chambord
Dark/White Chocolate with Peppermint Schnapps
White Chocolate and Amaretto
And numerous others.  Last year, my fave was a dark chocolate and Tia Maria mix, but I didn't buy any more TM, so it's unlikely that will happen with my budget in rapid shrink mode.

If these truffles sound awesome to you - you should buy some from the woman who taught me all I know (and who ships to wherever) - she has some new flavors, including a Chai Tea (which I sadly haven't had a chance to try yet!)  - check her out at

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