Monday, September 27, 2010

Welcome to Autumn!

I know, technically speaking it's been Autumn for a few days, but this weekend it really hit me when I was driving to and from Searsport - the leaves are a-changing, man!  We've got bright pinks and oranges; red and yellow, it's beautiful stuff.  Most of the trees are still primarily green, but the fact is that winter is coming.

Do you know what it means when Winter is coming??? It means that CHRISTMAS is coming!  Faith and I spent a hunk of the day on Friday sending video clips back and forth of ourselves singing the song "Snow" from "White Christmas" (also known as the best holiday movie EVER!!!!).  Granted, a movie doesn't have to be very good for me to consider is a phenomenal work of holiday magic - I'm just easy like that.

Because it's Autumn, Azi and I went apple picking a few weeks ago, and I've been baking up a damn storm.  I love to bake, and while washing the dishes afterwards is a bummer, I'm surviving.  The problem I'm having with my awesome baking is the fact that all of these delicious foods have permanently affixed themselves to my belly and thighs.  How can something with apples as its main ingredient be so unhealthy?  Ohhhhh - because the second ingredient is butter.  I see.

I've also been baking muffins and bread, and making delicious chicken-based recipes for dinner.  Who knows what tonight's concoction will be, but I can assure you, it'll be delicious.  Last night was loaded baked potato chowder (a Pampered Chef recipe - super delicious), we garnished it with sour cream and crispy bacon (possibly another culprit in the whole "I'm getting fat" debacle).

So, there it is - I'm thinking that Autumn might actually be translated to "gain fifteen pounds" or something like that.  It can't just be me, right?

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