Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Advertisement of the Day

Have I mentioned that I'm not a big TV watcher? That is, to say, I'm not a big watcher of television programs.  I love watching movies, or even watching TV shows through netflix streaming, or on DVD.  I just really don't enjoy commercial breaks or any of that.

Because of this, I never know what people are talking about when they have those water cooler conversations about current shows, or commercials.  BUT - I did watch TV on Sunday - and I saw the BEST new commercial!  The commercial is for Gain fabric softener.

There's this woman in line at the grocery store, and a voice over telling about how much she's always loved the smell of Gain detergent.  Then she spots Gain fabric softener on the counter; the woman in front of her is buying it.  You can see the look of panic on her face, then she ever so casually slides out the purchase separation bar to put the fabric softener with her groceries.  The commercial ends with the other customer and the sales clerk staring at her.

I think I like it so much because I chronically covet groceries.  That's right folks, not only am I judging who you are as a person based solely on what you buy, but I'm also quietly wishing that you'd leave a bag in the grocery cart so I can snag it in the parking lot.

Well played Gain.

See it for yourself: The Commercial

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