Monday, May 4, 2009

What's harder than giving a cat a bath?


Civil engineers have NOTHING on me.

I had to give my cat Gracie a bath yesterday. She's been suffering from fat-cat-dandruff lately, and all of the websites I could find recommended a bath for her. So - I brought her in the bathroom, and had Asrai come in as my backup.


I am covered with scratches, I went through five towels, and ended up with plenty of deep welts all over me, including some really sexy ones on my chest. Gracie, I'm sure, has plenty of mental scars to compete with my physical ones.

Asrai probably has some serious mental scars too, because the last time Gracie clawed her way across my bare back (I had to take my shirt off because it was sopping wet and was hurting all of my injuries) - Asrai laughed, and I flipped out and screamed at her. I apologised when I saw her crying. It was just a bad situation for everyone.

I can't think of a better method. Maybe next time I should find a way to knock Gracie unconscious - that might be the only way to successfully bathe a cat.

I should have taken pictures, but I felt so bad for my little drowned rat-looking cat. This picture is pretty close to the reality that I experienced on Sunday, minus the blood running down my arms, chest, and back.

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