Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Winning Things vs. Dating

I love to win things.  It's definitely my number one hobby.  I'm not a fan of doing drugs - but I am pretty sure there is not a single chemical on the market that can make me feel more exhilarated than I do when I find out I won something awesome.

I don't really love to date.  My last *relationship* relationship was when the year started with a two and two zeros, I'd count, but I think it might make me question my choices about adopting more cats.

One of my beloved sisters has recently started online dating, and, being her younger sister, I was immediately jealous.  I decided to dust off my old online profile (and by dust off, I mean posting a more current picture, because there's not much lamer than using old, more attractive pictures of yourself when you're doing online dating - it will only lead to worry and disappointment. I make sure there's at least one full body picture of me, so no one can argue that there was false advertising of any sort).

I'm not sure if it's a spring thing, or if I did something different, but I received a flurry of messages from eligible bachelors in my local vicinity.  Yes, there were the requests for sexual favors that I immediately deleted, and blocked, but there were also messages from a few fellows who didn't seem like complete and total losers.

I had a date scheduled for last night, but ended up canceling it because I decided that dating someone who is serious about their religion is not going to work for me.  I 100% support people being as into their religion as they want to, but I know that would equal a serious incompatibility, as I am a lapsed non-Catholic, which is about as un-religious as you can get, while still saying "Oh Jesus, Oh Jesus, Oh Jesus" when someone runs a stop sign and almost hits you.

I decided I need to be more choosey before blindly saying "yes" to a date, and then feeling like a jerk when I cancel.  So, I've started a list of pros and cons - I'll use these to evaluate the profiles of my gentleman callers, and that should help.

It's not that I equate racism and misuse of certain words - it's just that both are totally unacceptable to me.

I've yet to get the high from any of this dating nonsense that comes from winning a trip to California, or a big ol' wad of cash, but it just might happen.

Until then, I have my sweepstakes and my cats.

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