Tuesday, December 4, 2012

When NOT to Have Fun

Moments ago, I told one of the women in my office suite that I was going to lunch (for me, lunch involves sitting on the couch in the breakroom with the fluorescent lights off and enjoying a book, words with friends, or if I'm feeling particularly exciting, pyramid solitaire), she told me to 'try to have fun.' My response to her was that 'I always plan to, I can't imagine doing anything and NOT trying to have fun.'

Of course, as soon as I uttered those words, I got a-thinking: when was the last time I didn't have fun? That is a tough question; I am about 95% positive that I enjoy things more than most people, and my daughter rolls her eyes and sighs about my 'excess excitement.'

I joke and laugh with my doctor when I'm sick; I treat bill collectors to lovely monologues on how much I appreciate the services they provide; I enjoy waiting rooms, because I get a little 'me time;' on a scale of 1 to 10, I'm easily an 11 when telling someone about the glory of my litter locker (for the lay person - it's a cat poop and pee receptacle).  I really do try to bring fun and happiness to everything I do. The last time I was at the dentist, I had to get a filling, and at the end gave my dentist a big hug, and laughed with him.

The thing is: it's not always good to have fun.  When I thought about it, of course, a funeral was the first thing that came to mind - but there are a number of occasions where, while you needn't sob uncontrollably, it would be a lot more appropriate than fits of giggles.  Here are a few examples:

- delivering the news to your parent/friend that you crashed/lost their car
- testifying in your own defense in court
- if you are an IRS agent, when auditing someone
- in a natural disaster, when you are totally fine, but the person next to you has lost everything
- when someone shows you their very ugly child/pet/new haircut
- when you are caugh red-handed doing something you ought not
- when you suddenly realize the comedian you're watching is racist or homophobic

There are other situations; I'm sure of it, but this is all I can think of at the moment, and lunch is almost over.

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mom said...

When I've observed you NOT having fun:
in final stage of labor
confessing to long distance abuse

Sine I've know you longer than anyone, I'd say that's a pretty short list-you are a happy camper.