Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hooray for Neutrogena

I live in Maine - have I mentioned that before? If you'll look at the date on this post, you'll see that it's mid-January - which means, in Maine speak that it's "wicked cold" here.  One unpleasant side-effect of being in the wicked cold is what happens to your skin due to the dry, cold air outside, and the dry, hot air inside - your skin gets dried out.

Now, I'm not a teenager anymore, nor am I even in my twenties anymore - but I swear when I was younger my skin never needed moisture the way that it does at 32.  In my office, we aren't to wear anything scented - that includes perfumes, body sprays, and dun dun dun - scented lotions.  I've tried an assortment of different unscented lotions, and the end result always seems to be that my hands feel nice and greasy for about five minutes, then are back to being dry, tight, and itchy.  Being a determined gal, I just keep on trying.

It appears my determination has paid off.  I received my two pack of Norwegian Formula Neutrogena Hand Cream, and am totally blown away by how amazing it is on my skin.  It has absolutely no scent, AND - you can use it on your lips (of which I have two very dry, chapped ones on the front of my face), elbows, feet, etc.

This isn't an endorsed review or anything - I just know that I desperately needed a good hand cream, and have finally found it - hopefully this experience will help somebody out!

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