Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Christmas (on Netflix) in July?

I can't be the only person who feels the flush of Christmas mid-July.  I know I'm not, as my sister Faith, is as guilty of it as I am.

We try, and we try, and we try to keep ourselves from feeling too festive until at least November - but there's something about a heatwave that gets me hankering for eggnog and wrapping presents.

I plan on unveiling the 2011 Comprehensive Netflix streaming Christmas movie list (with reviews) tonight or tomorrow.  I've been spending some of my spare time combing Netflix looking for movies. 

There is also the possibility of including a Thanksgiving and New Year's list - obviously these movies aren't nearly as plentiful as the Christmas ones - but wouldn't you agree that Alice's Restaurant is just as worthy of my blog as Thomas and Friends: Ultimate Christmas?

So - if you're as excited about the upcoming (eventually) holidays as I am - it's time to get AMPED up!! The Christmas list is coming!!

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