Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Have Yourself a Winning Little Christmas

While I am definitely one of the biggest Christmas supporters ever - I have to admit, there's an extremely ooey gooey soft spot in my heart for Thanksgiving.  I love that it's not about presents - but just about spending time with your family, eating an unreasonable amount of food, and then undoing your pants and lounging around focusing on the television and digestion. How glorious is that?

In case you haven't noticed, I'm a bit of a stuff-addict - which means, to me, that the day after Thanksgiving is usually sitting up on the mantel in my mind as something great and holy.  However, this year is a little different - instead of modeling myself after the crazy lady in the Target commercials (who is completely awesome, and is my spiritual doppelganger for sure) - I'm doing what I've been referring to as a "Free Christmas."  No - I'm not trying to emancipate Christmas from the chains of commercialism and greed - I'm a HUGE fan of commercialism - not so much of greed, but the fact is that I want stuff.

This year I've decided to win Christmas.  I've actually done pretty well so far - I can't say specifically what I've won, because then the recipient might read it here!! I've been spending hours each night entering scores of online sweepstakes.  I wish I'd come up with the idea more than a month ago, as I'm actually waiting for a gift card that could have been used out competitively shopping on Friday morning, but that's okay - next year I'll be all ready for it.  Unless, that is, I've won some "major prize" (PLEASE let it be the leg lamp!!!!) that will allow me to be rich and super spendy, I will be out there early on waiting to race for the thirty cent laptops and such.

What do you want for Christmas? Maybe I can win it for you!!!!


Faith said...

kitchenaid, por favor?

Jessy said...

You know I'm working on it!!